Read This Book, Lose Weight Fast!

While many celebrities have been quick to jump onto the “poker face” exercise fad, very few have done what real health experts (and mommies) everywhere have done: stick with a plan and do it consistently. After all, nothing is ever a done thing until it is done right? And yet, here we are almost a year after the shocking premiere of This Is Us star Trisha Paykin’s weight loss program, and she still hasn’t achieved the results she’s promised. So does this mean that her Weight Loss Secrets program isn’t effective?

Well, it might just mean that Chrissy Metz is simply following the example of millions of other women in our society who have come before her who have been able to successfully lose weight loss and keep it off. While it might not be fair to compare her to these successful women, nor should it be overlooked that these women have all had different mental and physical obstacles that each woman overcomes over the course of her lifetime. Therefore, it would be unfair to say that Chrissy’s plan of going on the pill every night is better than any other diet plan out there… but it is still a better plan than say, popping pills every single night in order to lose weight rapidly and healthily!

What is also interesting about Chrissy’s story (which you can read for yourself in the book, How To Lose Weight Fast) is that she tells people to set goals that they can achieve and to then find the motivation to keep going until they’ve reached those goals. When it comes to losing weight, people often feel as though they’re running in place, not really knowing where they’re trying to go. But in this author’s view, by finding something in your life that motivates you and then finding a way to keep going until you’ve reached it, you will be much more likely to reach your weight loss goals and to stay there.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss